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Intercom lets you broadcast your voice to any AirPlay or Bluetooth audio destination on your network or paired to your device. Just selecting your speakers from the list of available audio routes. Then hold down the Talk button and speak your message. When you let go of the talk button, your message is broadcasted to the selected speaker.

Intercom is a handy way to communicate around the house and provides the same utility as a one way intercom. Send a quick message from your front yard to the living room stereo. Call for help from the garage. Tell the kids to quite down from your bed. 

Features you’ll love about Intercom:

  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Optional Voice Effects
  • Optional announcement tone
  • AirPlay and Bluetooth support
  • URL scheme support for integration with home automation systems

Intercom is a great way to outfit your home automation system with an intercom. Use the URL scheme to launch Intercom and return to your control app. 
Launch URL: intercom://
Return URL: intercom://launchApp?backButtonTitle=yourappname&returnURL=yourappscheme
Example Return URL:  intercompro://launchApp?backButtonTitle=Back&returnURL=ACMEControler://

Intercom does not broadcast live. It first records your message and then replays it wirelessly through your speakers when you release the Talk button.

Intercom does not broadcast to other iOS devices.  It is designed for use with bluetooth speakers, Apple TV, Airport Express, or equivalent systems.

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