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Test it Out:

Download this CSV inventory sheet and open it with the Barcode Inventory Assistant.  Scan the barcodes off the map to simulate taking an inventory of the Segars home. 

Sample CSV: Download
Barcode Map: Download (on another device for scanning)

The Barcode Inventory Assistant is a great tool for keeping an accurate asset inventory.  Compared to traditional pencil and paper methods of updating inventory, the Barcode Inventory Assistant will cut your inventory time to a fraction and give you a much more accurate result.  Best of all, it is completely paperless with no date entry follow up.  

How it Works:

First, email yourself a spreadsheet of your inventory in CSV (comma separated value) format. This file should include a column for barcodes, item names, locations, and optionally, sub-locations. From your mail app, open this attachment with the Barcode Inventory Assistant. Once you specify which columns are the barcodes, names, locations and sub-locations, you can press the import button and begin the process of scanning and updating the locations of your inventory. As you scan barcodes, the app will keep track of where you are and make smart recommendations to you when an item turns up in the wrong location. Found items will be highlighted in green and items yet to be found will be red.  Once you have finished updating your inventory, you can email the updated CSV file right from the app.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with any CSV file and barcode format
  • Tap on any item to see the full details for the item
  • Swipe to delete any item from your inventory
  • Manual barcode entry for damaged barcodes
  • Automatic flashlight for scanning barcodes in dark environments
  • Rapid-fire scanning for multiple items in the same location
  • Shake to focus barcode scanning
  • Filter your inventory by current location or sub-location
  • Simple and intuitive controls

In order to take advantage of the barcode scanning feature, you will need to have an iPhone 3GS or greater, iPod 4 or greater and iPad 3 and up.