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Running Record Calculator makes literacy testing faster and more accurate than ever before. This App combines all the standard running record calculator and stopwatch functions with the convenience of audio recording playback. Flagging lets you quickly refer back to the audio of difficult sections and automatically count errors and self-corrections.  With the push of a button, you will be able to see students’ reading rate, percentage of accuracy, and self-correction ratio. Running Record Calculator is designed to be used by any teacher who assesses students using running records. 

Here is how easy it is to use: 

  1. Press START before the student begins reading. 
  2. Tap the appropriate button to mark the students reading behaviors. 
  3. Tap Self Correct or Error for each behavior. 
  4. Press Done when the reading is complete. 
  5. Enter the number of words read. 

    Immediately you will see the student's scores for words per minute, self-correct ratio, and accuracy percentage. You can update the number of errors and self-corrections by pressing the "Err" and "SC" buttons and entering the new numbers. 

    Audio Playback 
    Once you have finished the oral reading with the student, you will be able to playback the entire reading session. Use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to move from flag to flag in your recording. You will see a white bar toward the top of the display that represents the recording timeline. Red vertical lines represent error flags in the recording and white vertical lines represent self-corrections. You can touch and drag the playhead along this bar to any time in the recording and press the play button for playback. 

    Share Recording and Scores 
    After you have completed the running record, press the Email button to send a report of the running record to yourself, your administrator, reading specialist, or parents. The report includes an attachment of the audio recording, reading behavior log,  and the reading scores for that assessment. Feel free to edit the body of the email, enter the student name, book name, reading level, and leave notes on progress.

    Need some help with the Running Record Calculator? 
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