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Running Record Assistant

tracking literacy just got easier ...

A three in one tool to help you track student literacy: Stopwatch | Audio Recorder | Calculator

Running Record Assistant is the number one choice for calculating Running Record scores. The app combines all the standard running record calculator and stopwatch functions with the convenience of audio recording playback. Flagging lets you score as you go and quickly refer back to audio of difficult sections after the session. After entering the word count, you will be able to see students’ reading rate, percentage of accuracy, and self-correction ratio. Running Record Assistant is designed to be used by any teacher who assesses students using running records.

Here is how easy it is to use:

  1. Tap the screen to start the stopwatch when the student begins reading.

  2. Tap the "Flag Error" button to mark errors made by the student. (Optional)

  3. Tap the "Self Corrected" button if the student corrects their error. (Optional)

  4. Press "Done" when the reading is complete.

  5. Enter the number of words read.

Immediately you will see the student's scores for words per minute, self-correct ratio, and accuracy percentage. You can update the number of errors and self-corrections by pressing the "Err" and "SC" buttons and entering the new numbers.

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